Born of invisible black energy in the light , we are connected to all things,
constantly shifting from one state to another, living to fulfill our respective roles.
   ゆるぐとも よもやぬけまじ かなめいし にっぽんのかみの あらむかぎりは

Since ancient times, it has been believed in Japan
that "shadow and light" were born together.

The color black, as the origin of life,
is expressed in the beauty of ephemeral nature.

  A l t e r n a t i v e    D e s i g n e r
  Y U S U K E   M I T S U  K A D O K U R A

陽と陰、和と洋、東と西、南と北といった、異なる要素の融合をコンセプトに、古代文字やサンスクリット語、民族アート、文化、音楽などからインスピレーションを受け、「PEACE MAKER」の名にふさわしい意味や想い、ポジティブな想いを込めた作品を生み出し、独自のフィルターを通して、日本から世界へストリートファッションを発信し続けている。
PEACEMAKERの「PEACE Tribal」は、自然のエネルギーをチャネリングし、光と闇の両極を超越するお守りのような衣服である。着用者は天の意志と繋がり、バランスの取れたスピリチュアルなエネルギー(インスピレーション、ポジティブなスピリット・オープン・マインドなど)を与えられ、お守りの衣服としても機能する。
Established in 1996. It was the first brand in Japan to incorporate traditional designs such as tribal and Sanskrit characters into street brand quality clothing, and its unique and one-of-a-kind worldview has had a tremendous influence on famous musicians and various artists at home and abroad.

The concept is a fusion of different elements (Yang and Yin, Japanese and Western, East, West, North, and South), and the brand creates artwork inspired by ancient scripts, Sanskrit, folk art, culture, music, etc., with meaning, feelings, and positive thoughts that are appropriate for the name "PEACE MAKER". The brand continues to transmit its street fashion style from Japan to the world through its own filter.

PEACEMAKER's "PEACE Tribal" is a talismanic garment that channels natural energy and transcends the polarities of light and dark. The wearer connects with the will of the heavens, giving them balanced spiritual energy (inspiration, positive spirit open mind, etc.) and serving as a talismanic garment as well.



地上各地に眠る 過去の失われた歴史 謎の古代文字や大地 レリーフ、テクスチャー、また伝統的とされる文化遺産など 真実と虚を照らし合わせ丁寧に紐解きつつ 理解した上で 直感的な美しさとエネルギーを感じるアーティファクトから  “ 文様=PEACEトライバル ” という形で
着るものに 自然エネルギーを流し
御守りの衣服=魔法的な 法衣を提示しています 。

The lost history of the past that lies dormant all over the earth.
Mysterious ancient characters, earthreliefs, textures,
and cultural heritage that is considered traditional.
The truth and the falsehoodAfter carefully unraveling and understanding
After carefully unraveling and understanding the truth and falsity of these ancient artifacts, which I find intuitively beautiful and energetic From the artifacts that I intuitively feel are
beautiful and energetic, I have created a "PEACE Tribal" pattern.
to the wearer in the form of "PEACE Tribal.
Transcending the polarity of light and darkIt transcends the polarity of light and dark, and presents a magical vestment, a garment of protection.