C O N C E P T 



異なる要素( 和と洋 )の融合をコンセプトとし、
“ PEACE MAKER ”という名にふさわしい、意味、気持、ポジティブな念いを込め、
古来からの古代文字や梵字,民族アート, 文化, 音楽などから
インスパイアされたアートワークを 独自のフィルターに通し 、
ストリートファッションスタイルとして日本から 世界へ 発信し続けている。
“PEACEMAKER” is street brand of japanese original tribal fashion. Since 1996 Japan .
We aim be at the frontier of street fashion. our motif is to blend differing elements , positive and negative .east and west,yin and yang...
everything should converge on a peaceful circle, the peacemaker .
we are inspired by traditional cultures, art and music throughout the world,especially Bonji and tribal designs
we express our thoughts through offering new style in street fashion.


Alternative Designer
  Y u s u k e   M i t s u   K a d o k u r a 

 P E A C E M A K E R    A R T   D E S I G N

地上各地に眠る 過去の失われた歴史




“ 文様=PEACEトライバル ” という形で、

着るものに 自然エネルギーを流し、

御守りの衣服=魔法的な法衣を提示しています 。
The lost history of the past that lies dormant all over the earth.

Mysterious ancient characters, earth

reliefs, textures, and cultural heritage that is considered traditional.
The truth and the falsehood

After carefully unraveling and understanding

After carefully unraveling and understanding the truth and falsity of these ancient artifacts, which I find intuitively beautiful and energetic
From the artifacts that I intuitively feel are beautiful and energetic, I have created a "PEACE Tribal" pattern.

to the wearer in the form of "PEACE Tribal.

Transcending the polarity of light and dark
It transcends the polarity of light and dark, and presents a magical vestment, a garment of protection.